Our Biggest Challenge Yet!

Hello readers! Miss Megan here!

Every year NFMA hosts a fitness challenge in which every participant competes with themselves and the other participants to lose the most body fat in 8 weeks. This year we’re shaking it up by making this about team work! Sensei Tonya and Sensei Marcos will be team captains leading our fitness challenge participants toward a healthier self. The participants will be split into teams and then each team will work towards losing the most body fat percentage in 10 weeks. What I want is for us to have so many participants that we need more than two teams! This is a chance for all of us to learn from one another, get healthier and be even happier with ourselves than ever! Who doesn’t want to work towards a better self surrounded by people with the same goal?

My story goes like this: I’d been training at the dojo for a year or so and signed up for the 2012 fitness challenge as a way to help me break the plateau I’d reached. At the time I weighed 160lbs and had 33% body fat. It was my goal to lose as much body fat as I could while keeping up the same training schedule (2 classes a day, 3-4 days a week). The only change I made to my diet was to think about what sort of food I was eating and if it could be replaced with something better. For instance, instead of eating potato chips I ate air-popped popcorn. Same crunch, less junk! The most important thing is to drink a lot of water! Nalgene bottles are in my opinion, the best invention ever. So for 8 weeks I worked hard, drank a lot of water and ate the healthiest I ever had. By the end I was down to 160lbs and 25% body fat (muscle weighs more than fat!). But the numbers don’t mean anything if I hadn’t gained anything as a person. Readers, have you ever put so much effort into something you didn’t think you had an ounce more to give, but then you surprised yourself and gave just that little bit more? That’s the most important lesson I learned from this challenge, that I can always dig deeper and improve! The only reason I was able to keep pushing myself was because I had a group of fantastic people working with me towards the same goal 🙂

I’m hoping that everyone who knows about the challenge will take this opportunity for what it is; a support system for you to change your own life. It’s always easier to make yourself go to the gym if you have someone to hold you accountable. Eating healthfully and being an advocate for your own health is important but it’s hard to adjust to change all alone. I hope this challenge will be a catalyst for positive change for everyone, as it has been for me. 

If anyone who’s read this has questions or is inspired to share their story about how our fitness challenge has changed their life, I’d love to share that story! Feel free to contact me via the facebook page, my e-mail (megan.nfma@gmail.com), or in person at the dojo!

Thanks for reading,

Miss Megan





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