Christmas Treats

Hello everyone!
It’s holiday time and I don’t know about everyone else but I love Christmas cookies! There’s something magical about baking cookies and sharing them with everyone that really puts me in the Christmas spirit. This year it’s my goal to indulge but take care of my body as well. We train hard to keep our bodies healthy and strong so with that thought, I found some really neat (and healthy) Christmas cookie recipes! The best part of these recipes is that they can be made gluten free and vegan as well!

The Classic Sugar Cookie This recipe is a healthier alternative and still perfect for decorating!

Double Chocolate Hazelnut Coconut Cookies How is that even healthy?! It sounds too good to be healthy!

Coconut chocolate balls For those of us who don’t like using the oven!

Coconut Flour Cookies These look great for decorating or covering with chocolate!

Soft Molasses Cookies I don’t know about everyone else but Molasses cookies scream “Christmas!” to me.

Does anyone have a favorite cookie recipe they’d like to share? If so, message us on Facebook or pop by the front desk during class! We’re looking for this blog to be enjoyable for everyone, so if you have suggestions let us know!



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