“A Report of Buddy the Elf” by special guest poster, Hayden S!

At 9:30 pm, in the Northeast Family Martial Arts Dojo, Buddy the Elf prepared himself for some fun.  He flew off of his hiding spot and immediately went to the Lost and Found bucket and found sparring gear. Then he called another Elf named Freddie* to come over and Spar with him.  When Freddie got there, he asked Buddy how they were going to fit in the sparring gear. Buddy’s answer was not with words, but with magic.  In an instant, the sparring gear turned into the Elf’s size. So they put the sparring gear on and sparred for a little while. Next, Buddy flew up to the radio and turned it on.  The Elves put on all their favorite songs and danced to all of them, like ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘We Will Rock You’.  After awhile Buddy noticed it was midnight and it was time to go to Santa.  So he unlocked the backdoor, and with Freddie, he flew out all the way to the North Pole. There he talked to Santa about how all the kids were training amazingly and they should all get extra presents for that.
On the way back to the dojo, Freddie and Buddy were talking about all the fitness that those kids were doing.  They were wondering if their sparring was as good as the kids.  So then they said good-bye and flew off their homes. When Buddy got back to the dojo, he realized it was 5:00am in the morning and the Sensei’s would be back in an hour.  So he quickly found a hiding spot and sat there for an hour.  Then all the Sensei’s came in and started to look for Buddy. When they found him they saw that he was holding a sign that says  “Please Turn on the Music.  Gangnam Style, if you please?”  And he was sitting on the shelf on top of the radio!
And that’s the story of what Buddy did when the Sensei’s went away.
The End.
* Freddie is Hayden’s Elf 🙂
Do you have a story about Buddy that you want to share? Message us on facebook!

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